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In regards to YELP:

We have been serving the San Diego and Southern California community since 1988. Over the years we have helped thousands of families enjoy their vacations and other recreational needs. It is our mission to try and make all of our customers happy.

As for the company called Yelp, it is their business to sell interesting articles, apparently mainly negative ones. As for the positive reviews, most of them seem to get filtered into a different section and do not count for the "Yelp star rating".

We have received many phone calls from Yelp's partners telling us that for a "large monthly fee" they will "remove our negative reviews, so that only the good reviews are visible".

Yelp has allegedly even been sued by other businesses because of this practice. We would rather do business the honest way. It is through our honesty and ethics that we are still in business today.

In our opinion, the bottom line is that Yelp is bad for businesses of all shapes and sizes. We feel that Yelp is not a friend of business, but an enemy that is out to extort money for their own personal profit.

We would like to thank our thousands of customers for their support. We've made a lot of friends over the years, and hope to make many more.

Camper & Trailer Outlet has been selling family fun for over 26 years, and continues helping people make their vacations great.


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